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Quality System Certification LogoQuality Management Department at St. Luke’s Medical Center

In health care, the term “quality” can be described as striving for and reaching excellent standards of care. Each day in a hospital, staff members undertake complicated tasks caring for patients. At St. Luke’s Medical Center, our patient safety efforts aim to ensure that all staff and physicians work together to deliver high-quality, compassionate care to all patients.

About Us

The Quality Management Department at St. Luke’s Medical Center is making a positive impact by continually looking for ways to improve processes and procedures. When you come to a hospital, you expect excellent care! The main concern of the Quality Department is to ensure that the services provided are of the highest possible standard and meet the needs of individual patients and their families.

We are proud to note in 2010, the quality program at IASIS Healthcare was recognized by Thomson Reuters with a Healthcare Advantage Award for Overall Performance in the Hospitals/Health Providers/Clinicians category. That recognition solidified IASIS as a leader in the field, with its quality program serving as an example of best practices in the industry.

Scope of Services

The Quality Management Department coordinates quality improvement, safety and training efforts by:

  • Internal Quality Improvement: Our department is engaged in a number of quality improvement efforts with a focus on program development. Two major initiatives the Quality Department is undertaking are Managing Infection Risk (MIR) certification from the DNV and development of a Severe Sepsis Program. The MIR certification will solidify St. Luke’s Medical Center and Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital as two of the most recognized facilities for infection prevention in the region. The Severe Sepsis Program is vital in the promotion of patients safety as it will educate staff and physicians on best evidence-based medicine practices to use while caring for patients with sepsis.
  • Proactive Process Improvement: We have implemented an Internal Audit Team which proactively interviews staff and reviews key processes throughout our facility.
  • Meeting External Quality Agendas: We ensure St. Luke’s Medical Center meets the mandates for quality measurement reporting imposed by a growing number of payors and regulators including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Quality Resources

ISO 9000 – Quality Management

DNV-GL Healthcare (DNV)

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

Department Mission

We strive to provide high-quality, cost-effective, patient-centered, evidence based healthcare to our patients in accordance with all IASIS Corporation Mission, Vision, and Values and national best practices.

“Partnering with you for a safe and respectful experience!”


DNV is the accrediting organization for St. Luke’s Medical Center. If you have any concerns about safety or quality of care, you can report them without fear of reprisal to DNV by email, fax, letter, or internet.

Fax: 513-947-1250
Phone: 866-496-9647
Mail: Hospital Complaint
DNV-GL Healthcare
400 Techne Center Dr., Suite 100
Milford, OH, 45150

About Quality Data on the Internet

There is increasingly more public information available about hospitals, doctors and other healthcare providers on the internet. A number of different agencies evaluate, compare and rate hospitals. These ratings can be a good source of information for healthcare consumers and many of them provide reliable data that can help people make informed decisions about where to seek care.

But, there are some things that should be considered in reviewing these ratings and reports.

Is the information current?
Most data reported on the internet is historical data. It could be several months old or it could be a few years old. If the data is not recent, it may not accurately reflect the care being provided by a hospital today.

What is included in the data?
In some cases, data may be about only one hospital service or even just a small part of the treatment provided for a certain condition. Consumers should look for comprehensive evaluations of hospital services that take many factors into consideration.

In some cases, data may represent only a short period of time – some reports only include patients cared for in one calendar quarter, limiting the sample size used in the data.

Some reports include only certain types of patients. For example, if only Medicare patients are included in a report, the data would not reflect all of the care provided to a hospital’s patients.

When hospitals are compared using percentages, it is important to know how much data is included in the percentage rating. Data from one hospital may include only a small number of patients with a certain medical condition, while another hospital in the study may treat a much larger number of patients with the same condition. When that happens, percentage ratings can be skewed and misleading.

Who is reporting the data?
There are several reputable agencies evaluating and rating hospitals. Consumers should check the credentials of any group reporting healthcare quality data.

St. Luke’s Medical Center voluntarily reports information to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on nearly two-dozen activities related to care for patients receiving specific services. These measures demonstrate how often the hospital provided the recommended care and treatment for patients with a heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia and for patients having surgery.

Visit the Hospital Compare Website

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