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Stem Cell Therapy

What are amniotic stem cells?

A stem cell is a type of cell the body uses to create new tissues and structures. Stem cells have the ability to differentiate into any kind of cell that the body might need: skin, bone, blood, nerve-transmitting, etc.

Amniotic stem cells are derived from the amniotic sac that a mother carries during pregnancy. Harvesting these cells, which come directly from healthy, prescreened and tested donors, cause no harm or side effects to the mother or baby. In addition to being free of the potential ethical complications that surround the use of embryonic stem cells, amniotic stem cells have a few other benefits (compared to embryonic stem cells):

  • They divide faster.
  • They show no signs of age.
  • They remain stable for years with no tumors.

Select providers at St. Luke’s Medical Center are proud to offer amniotic stem cell therapy. To find a Phoenix-area sports medicine specialist who offers stem cell therapy, call 1-877-351-WELL. (Not all providers offer this treatment.) Learn more about how stem cell injections work below.

What role do stem cells play in healing the body?

The stem cell products used by sports medicine physicians at St. Luke’s Medical Center may vary. With one product, BioDFactor® Viable Tissue Matrix, a liquid allograft is administered directly to the injured site. This liquid tissue matrix contains proteins, cytokines, growth factors and other chemical compounds that may aid in healing. Once administered, the stem cells jumpstart the healing process by creating the cells the damaged tissues need.

What conditions can stem cell injections treat?

Stem cell injections can be used to treat a wide range of conditions. Applications for this therapy are still being researched and implemented around the world. At St. Luke’s Medical Center, your physician may recommend stem cell therapy fortissue voids and defects and/or localized areas of inflammation. Stem cell therapy is not right for everyone; talk to your doctor for more information.

Is amniotic stem cell therapy safe and proven?

Amniotic stem cells are derived from an immunoprivileged site, which means that risk of patient-rejection is low to none. More than 10,000 amniotic stem cell injections have been performed without any adverse side effects reported.

Furthermore, amniotic stem cell donors undergo a rigorous screening process; screening, harvesting, and culture and toxicity testing are highly regulated procedures that help ensure the health and safety of donors and recipients.

Learn More About Stem Cell Therapy in Phoenix, AZ

To learn more about amniotic membrane stem cell therapy, schedule an appointment with a Phoenix sports medicine physician at St. Luke’s Medical Center. Call 1-877-351-WELL today. Additional regenerative medicine therapies, such as platelet-rich plasma injection, may also be available to you. Talk to your Phoenix sports medicine physician to learn more.


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