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Athletic Knee Pain

What is jumper’s knee?

“Jumper’s knee” (patellar tendinitis) is a common athletic injury that affects the tendon that connects the patella (kneecap) to the tibia (shinbone). This tendon is essential in allowing the legs to run, jump, and kick. As its common name suggests, jumper’s knee is frequently found in athletes who play sports that involve a lot of jumping, like basketball and volleyball. In addition to frequent running or jumping on hard surfaces, patellar tendinitis may be caused by steroid injections in the knee, a prior knee replacement surgery or a prior ACL repair surgery.

What are the symptoms of jumper’s knee?

Individuals with patellar tendinitis typically describe pain between the kneecap and shinbone. At first, this pain may only manifest during or after exercise. If left to run its course, jumper’s knee typically causes enough pain to limit athletic performance. Eventually, patellar tendinitis can make normal daily activities difficult or painful.

How is patellar tendinitis diagnosed?

At St. Luke’s Medical Center, your sports medicine physician may begin the process of diagnosing your athletic knee pain with a physical examination, including tests of range of motion, sensitivity and inflammation. Advanced imaging tests may also be ordered to see the knee’s internal structures.

What treatment options are available for knee pain?

The Phoenix sports medicine physicians at St. Luke’s Medical Center offer a number of treatment options for knee pain, from physical therapy and medication to minimally invasive surgical procedures, such as MAKOplasty® partial knee resurfacing (for patients with degenerative arthritis of the knee).

Other minimally invasive therapies include platelet-rich plasma injections and amniotic membrane stem cell injections. Both of these cutting-edge injection therapies are safe and effective methods that allow the body to accelerate its own repair, using progenitor cells and growth factors to promote healing. Click on the procedures to learn more about them.

Schedule a Knee Pain Evaluation With a Phoenix Sports Medicine Physician

Are you suffering from any of the knee pain symptoms described above? Get the treatment you deserve by calling 1-877-351-WELL for a sports medicine physician in Phoenix, AZ.


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